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Phase Congruency


Phase Congruency (PC) highlights the small discontinuities in images with varying illumination and contrast using the congruency of phase in Fourier components. PC can not only detect the subtle variations in the image intensity but can also highlight the anomalous values to develop a deeper understanding of the images content and context.

We proposed a new method based on PC for computational seismic interpretation with an application to subsurface structures delineation within migrated seismic volumes. The proposed method is suitable for segmenting seismic volumes having weak seismic reflections, varying illumination and contrast. This proposed workflow for salt domes delineation which can be modified to capture other geological structures such as chaotic horizons and faults in Earth’s subsurface as well. We show the effectiveness of the proposed method as compared to the edge and texture-based methods for salt domes boundary detection. The subjective and objective evaluation of the experimental results show that the proposed method is not only computationally very efficient but also outperforms the state of the art methods for salt dome delineation. The proposed method is expected to not only reduce the time for seismic interpretation but also become a handy tool in the interpreter’s toolbox for delineating geological structures within migrated seismic volumes.


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