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Datasets and Resources for Computational Seismic Interpretation

Common Geophysical Datasets

CSIdatasetHigh-quality seismic data is essential for accurate subsurface interpretation with vast applications to both industrial applications (e.g., oil & gas exploration) and environmental studies (e.g., earthquake monitoring and CO2 storage). Driven by the oil and gas industry, 3D seismic data has been widely collected around the world in the past few decades, particularly in the areas with great hydrocarbon potentials, such as the North Sea, the Middle East, and the Gulf of Mexico. Such data is often confidential during the initial stage of reservoir exploration and production, but is then released for public usage when the production goal has been achieved. Here, we list seven seismic datasets that are commonly used for developing and testing CSI algorithms. All of them are available in the typical SEG-Y format, which can be loaded directly using any geophysical exploration software (e.g., OpendTect and Petrel) or popular programming packages such as MATLAB and Python.

Dataset & Location Domain Features Domain Dimensions Link
F3 block in the Netherland North Sea Salt dome (~1500 ms), Fault (~1200 ms),
Gas chimney (~500 ms)
Time Inline: 651, Crossline: 951
Samples/trace: 463
[Link] (494MB)
Stratton field in south Texas, USA Channel (~845 ms), Fault (~2000 ms) Time Inline: 100, Crossline: 200
Samples/trace: 151
[Link] (112 MB)
 Teapot Dome in Wyoming, USA Fault (~5500 ft) Depth Inline: 345, Crossline: 188
Samples/trace: 1601
[Link] (421 MB)
 Great South Basin in New Zealand Fault (~2000 ms)  Time Inline, 1241, Crossline: 2780
Samples/trace: 751
[Link] (38.1 GB)
 Waka Basin in New Zealand  Channel (~1800 ms)  Time  Inline: 801, Crossline: 5756
Samples/trace: 1500
[Link] (23.2 GB)
 SEAM synthetic dataset  Salt dome (~2000 ms)  Time & Depth  Inline: 1169, Crossline: 1002
Samples/trace: 851
[Link]  (4.2GB)
 LANDMASS dataset from F3 block  Horizons, Chaotic reflections,
Faults and Salt domes
 Time  Horizontal patches: 9385, Chaotic patches: 5140
Fault patches:1251, Salt dome patches: 1891
[Link] (0.95 GB)
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