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Digital Image Processing (ECE 6258)

Course Instructor: Prof. Ghassan AlRegib
office: Centergy Room 5224
Tel: +1 (404) 894-7005
Course Days/Times: TBD
Office Hours: TBD
Teaching Assistant (TA): TBD


Homework 20%
Exam #1 20%
Exam #2 20%
Concepto in a Video 8%
Project 32%

Course Objective

To introduce the fundamentals and thetheory of multidimensional signal processing and digital image processing, including key applications in multimedia products and services, and telecommunications.


A course in digital signal processing (ECE4270 or equivalent). I expect students to be familiar with MATLAB®.

Tentative Course Schedule and Timeline

Week Lecture Topic Course Materials
1 Introduction / Syllabus [PDF] [Support]
Multidimensional Signals and Operations [PDF] [Code] [Support]
2 Multidimensional Signals and Operations [PDF] [Code] [Support]
2D Frequency; Sampling [PDF] [Code] [Support]
3 Sampling [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Image Transforms – DFT [PDF] [Code] [Support]
4 Image Transforms –DFT and DCT [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Image Transforms –DCT [PDF] [Code] [Support]
5 Directional Transforms [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Exam #1 (Tentative)
6 Projected Proposals Session (by students)
Projected Proposals Session (by students)
7 Directional Transforms [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Image Coding [PDF] [Code] [Support]
8 Fall Recess – No Class
Image Coding –JPEG [PDF] [Code] [Support]
9 Motion Estimation [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Video Coding [PDF] [Code] [Support]
10 Image/Video Quality Assessment [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Image Enhancement [PDF] [Code] [Support]
11 Image Denoising [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Image Restoration [PDF] [Code] [Support]
12 Image Interpolation [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Exam #2 (Tentative)
13 Image Segmentation [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Color Processing [PDF] [Code] [Support]
14 Recent Applications 1 [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Recent Applications 2 [PDF] [Code] [Support]
15 Recent Applications 3 [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Recent Applications 4 [PDF] [Code] [Support]
16 Poster Session for Term Projects [PDF] [Code] [Support]
Final Exam

Textbook and References

No required textbook but the following books are excellent references for this class:

1. R.C. Gonzalez and R.E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, 3rd edition, Prentice-Hall, 2008 (officially the textbook of the course)
2. M. Petrou and C. Petrou, Image Processing: The Fundamentals, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 2010 (helpful reference in the first half of the semester)
3. J. W. Woods, Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding, 2nd Edition, Academic Press, 2012
4. A.K. Jain, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, Prentice-Hall, 1989
5. J.S. Lim, Two-dimensional Signal and Image Processing, Prentice-Hall, 1990
6. M.J.T. Smith, A. Docef, A Study Guide

Poster Session

Explanation about the poster session and another link for separate page with poster files

Student GUI

Explanation about the GUI and another link for separate page with GUI examples

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